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This user manual primarily applies to students who need to print from their own computer. However, employees, external consultants and guests with a VIAcard and a VIA ID also have the possibility to easily print documents by using Web Print. The manual describes how to use VIAprint from computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The user manual describes how to use both Web Print, Email Print and Driver Print.

How to use VIAprint

Some programs and specific functions are not suited for Web Print. Therefore, it is also possible to use Driver Print on chosen printers and plotters.

As opposed to Driver Print, Web Print does not require installation of print drivers on the computer.

If you have e.g. an iPad or a smartphone, you also have the possibility of printing (see e.g. the paragraph Email Print).

Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type in the address http://print.via.dk

Type in your VIA ID in the field Username (e.g. 123456) and your password in the field Password. Then click Login.

My Printers

The first time you use VIAprint it may be useful to choose your favorite printers under the tab My Printers.

When you have to print i VIA, there is af number of printers. You can choose VIA-Print when you want to print a normal page.

Choose e.g. VIA-Print by clicking the check box Favorite next to the printer. If desired, you can give your favorite printers a name, which is telling to you.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page and then click the tab Web Print.

Note! If you do not want to print out in colour, then remember to tick off the box “Print in black/white even if document contains colour” under Advanced, or it will, as a standard setting, be printed out in colour.

Web Print

Use Web Print when you need to print by uploading a document or by writing a Web address.
Click ”Vælg fil…” in order to find the document you want to print.

Choose the file and click “Next” when the file is displayed in the box under Upload Document to Print.

You can also type in an open web address to be printed if you need to print pages from the Internet.

Type in or paste the address in the box under Web Address to Print and then click “Next”.

When you have clicked ”Next”, the document will be sent to the printer which you have chosen as you favorite printer. Afterwards, activate the print by clicking at the box with the printer’s name.

Click Advanced to choose:

  • a specific number of print-outs, if you only need to print-out chosen pages in a document
  • if you need to make double-sided pages
  • if you want to print in black and white even if the document contains colour.


My Printjobs

When ”Status” says ”Printed”, the print job is ready to be released by use of your VIAcard on the chosen printer.

Email Print

If you have received a document by email and opened it on e.g. an iPad, a smartphone or on another mobile device, you can print it by using Email Print.

Write an email and attach the files you wish to print. Then send your email to print@via.dk

If you send an email from your VIAmail (xxx@via.dk), you are already authorized to send to the address and you will therefore be able to logon to http://print.via.dk right away (see paragraph later in this user manual).

However, if you send the email from an external email address, you are not authorized in the system, and you will therefore receive an email from VIA University College from the address no-reply@via.dk with a text similar to the below and a link where you need to register your external email address.

Du har sendt et printjob til VIA University College via email <print@via.dk>. Vi kan ikke genkende din email adresse testkontovia@gmail.com. For at sende printjob fra denne adresse, venligst gå til registreringssiden på adressen nedenfor. Det tager kun et minut at registrere din email adresse i printsystemet, og det skal kun gøre en gang.

Gå til:

Efter at du har registreret din email adresse, vil de printjob du har afsendt, blive behandlet automatisk, så det er ikke nødvendigt at gensende filer.

Denne mail kan ikke besvares

VIA University College

When you have clicked the link in the email, you can register your external email address at the page which is displayed. By registering your email address here, the address can be approved in our print system.

Username and password are your VIA ID and your password.

Click Continue and your external email address has now been approved.

The registration only needs to be done one time (per external email address) and afterwards you will be able to log on to http://print.via.dk

Under My Print Jobs you can now select whether you want to print your email, the attached documents or both. Mark the document you wish to print and specify which printer you wish to print from. Then click Update.

Email Print directly to the printer

It is also possible to print directly to a printer with Email Print.

You can learn more about the procedure by clicking on the link “Click here to learn more”, but it is also described here.

Under My Printers you can give your favorite printer a nickname. It can be a name or just a letter - for example x.

When you send an email from your mobile device, send it to print@via.dk and write p: x in the subject field (the nickname you gave your favourite printer under “My Printers”). P: is for print.

When you have clicked on “send” you can see your print job under My Print Jobs, and you can print your document.

Driver Print

Some programs and specific functions are not suited for Web Print e.g. when there is a need to plot.

As an alternative to Web Print it is therefore also possible to use Driver Print on Windows, MAC and Linux.

If you wish to use Driver Print, you need to set up your computer to do this by installing a driver to the wished printer or plotter.

Click the tab Driver Print and set up your computer by clicking either Windows, MAC or Linux.
(The following example is based on Windows, but the same procedure is used for MAC and Linux).

If you have Windows on your computer, choose which version of Windows you are using (e.g. Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 etc.) in the left menu. Mark Advanced and then click the button Continue.

In the drop down box now choose the specific printer which you wish to print from. Afterwards, a detailed instruction will follow describing how to install the printer driver.

After having followed the instructions and after having installed the print driver, you can print your document, just as if you were to print to a normal printer, and without having to log on to VIAprint.

Please note, however, that you need to be logged on to VIA’s net in order to use the printer.

Please note! In order to make sure that you only print in black and white, you need to check “Settings” on your printer.

Depending on which printer you have installed, it may vary where you can find the setting for black and white print.

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