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This guide is directed at students at VIA. At VIA all students have the possibility of downloading Office Professional Plus for both Windows computer and Mac on up to five devices. Students who use an iPad also have the possibility of downloading Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The software is available and free for you as long as you are a student at VIA.

Download of Office Professional Plus for Windows and Mac computer
  1. In order to download Office for computer and Mac you need to log on to the address https://portal.office.com with your VIAmail address and password.
  2. Click on Office 365 in upper left corner


  1. If you have a Windows computer you will see this page.

The page will look a bit different if you are working on a Mac. Learn more about installation on Mac computer in here.

Download of Word, PowerPoint and/or Excel for iPad
  1. Go to App Store and download Microsoft Word for iPad, Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad and/or Microsoft Excel for iPad.
  2. These programs are free and can be downloaded by everyone, whether you are a student at VIA or not. However, the programs only give you a read-only access. If you need to edit and save documents at your iPad, you need to log on with your VIAmail address and password.

Note: To gain access to download of Free Office Professional Plus you need to have marked that you have read and understood the IT rules at VIA, either at VIA Start or at Studynet.

If this has not happened, it will not be possible to install any programs through Office 365, and you will be met by the following text.

To change this, log on to Studynet and click ”Rules for usage of IT”, which can be found at the footer at the bottom of Studynet.

Mac - post installation

When you have installed Office 2011 for Mac and afterwards start a program, you will be guided through the following screens:

  1. Clik on “Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription”
  2. Fill in the fields with your VIAmail address and your password as shown in the screen shots below.

This is only required the first time.

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