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PowerPoint Online Presentation


This guide is intended for both students and employees who need to share and present PowerPoint on the audience’s screens.

Online presentation of PowerPoint

  1. Under the tab ’Slideshow’ choose ’present online’
  2. Then choose ‘office presentation service’.
  1. Do not check ‘Enable remote viewers to download the presentation’ unless you want your audience to be able to download your presentation.
  2. Click CONNECT
  3. PowerPoint will start preparing the presentation.
  1. When you want to share the link to your online presentation, you have to copy the link and send it to them by email or post it on a website where they have access. You can for example post it on Itslearning.
  2. After that choose ’Start presentation’
  1. Your audience gets - by following the link - the ability to watch your presentation on their own screen.
  1. If you need the online link for your presentation again – you can find it under the tab 'Present online'
  2. Choose 'Send invitations’
  3. When you end your presentation on the 'End online presentation', your presentation is no longer available for your audience
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