VIA University College (UK)

Brief Introduction to VIA Studynet


This guide is directed at students. VIA Studynet is VIA's communication platform. Here you can find information from your programme and from VIA.

Where can I find VIA Studynet?

You can find VIA Studynet at https://studienet.via.dk/.

Log on with the following information:

  • VIAmail: Type in your VIAmail address – e.g. 123456@via.dk
  • For students your VIAmail/ your VIA ID will consist of a number of digits. For employees your VIAmail/ your VIA ID will consist of a number of initials.
  • Password: (Your VIA password which can be changed at https://mit.via.dk/)

The front page of VIA Studynet

On the front page you can for example find:

  • News (from your local department, your newsfeed, and general VIA News)
  • A link to Itslearning, VIA’s learning management system.
  • A link to your mail and calendar.
  • A link to your Campus page which contains information about facilities and services available at your local campus.

The Campus page

On the Campus page, you can find the following:

  • Frequently requested links
  • Board (i.e., bulletin board)
  • Campus News
  • Your calendar
  • Information from your local library
  • Announcements

At the very bottom of Studynet (i.e., the footer), you can find links to all of VIA’s campus and programme pages.

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