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Teams Online Course


This online course is directed at students and employees at VIA. The course introduces you to Microsoft Teams, how it is used in VIA and the different functions in the program.

About Teams

In VIA, we use the two phrases ‘Teams meetings’ and ‘Teams sites’ to differentiate between the two different ways of using Microsoft Teams.

  • The phrase ‘Teams meetings’ describes one way of using Microsoft Teams where you use the online meeting facility as a standalone app, similar to Zoom, and other online meeting apps.   
  • The phrase ‘Teams sites’, on the other hand, describes the other way of using Microsoft Teams. That is, as a collaboration platform.  

Note: In VIA, all teaching matters are planned in Itslearning and all resources and materials related to lectures must be shared on and available in Itslearning. In VIA, Teams sites must not be used as a collaborative platform between lecturers and students.

About the course and access to the course

The course is split into two topics that reflect the way that VIA uses Teams: Teams meetings and Teams sites.

The topic Teams meetings introduces you to how you can plan, hold and partake in virtual meetings using Teams.

The topic Teams  sites introduces you to how you create sites (collaborative areas) and use the functions related to the Teams sites.

Access the Teams Online Course here (requires VIAlogin)

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