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Itslearning guides and help videos


This guide is directed at students at VIA and gives an introduction of how to use Itslearning. Itslearning is VIA's Learning Management System (LMS). Everything related to your programme or study will be made available here It is here including your timetable, subjects or courses, your study plans and much more. All the teaching and learning resources, you need for your study will be made available to you by your lecturer through Itslearning.

Overview - guides and help videos for Itslearning on Itslearning

On Itslearning under the menu item 'Help', you can find guides and help videos for Itslearning - Access Help on Itslearning here. The following list will provide an overview of the guides and help videos found in the menu item 'Help'. VIAlogin is required to access the guides and help videos.

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