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Create a digital student ID/ISIC-card


This guide is for students who want to create a digital student ID/ISIC card on their smartphone.

Create your ISIC account

  1. Order an ISIC code

Use the link VIA facilitates: Order the ISIC code here.

N.B. You only get a 100% discount if you order the ISIC code using VIA's link.

After ordering, you will receive your ISIC code at the email address provided. It does not have to be your VIAmail.

During ordering your study relation must be confirmed. This is done through WAYF. When logging in to WAYF, you must use your VIA login.

N.B. If you have previously created an ISIC account, which must be extended with a new ISIC code, it is important that you use the email address associated with the existing ISIC account when ordering and write your name exactly as it appears from this.

  1. Receive the ISIC code

After ordering you will receive an email from ISIC Denmark (support@isic.info) with your ISIC code. Follow the instructions in the email.

Do you have an ISIC account that needs to be renewed as described in pkt. 1, note that the code must be entered without spaces.

  1. Create a ISIC account - New user

In the email you will find a link for activation. The link is to the website where you create your ISIC account. Enter name and ISIC code.

Finally, select the email and password you want to connect with your ISIC account.

You will subsequently receive a confirmation email to ensure that the email address provided is valid.

Only after you have clicked on the link in this email, will your ISIC account be activated. You are now ready to login in the ISIC app.

Create your digital student ID on a smartphone

  1. Guide for installation

Install the "ISIC" app from ISIC Global Office from the App Store or Google Play.

Open the app. After the introduction the page where you can log in with your ISIC account is displayed.

Click on "Log in" and log in with the email address and password you have connected with your ISIC account.

When using the app you will be asked to allow messages and use of the location information etc.

  • Messages are used to inform you about the latest discounts and make the search feature easier.
  • Location is used to find local discount deals and benefits near you.
  • Media and Storage access is required to attach a picture and save settings.
  1. Upload picture

Before you can use your digital studio ID a picture must be added.

Click on "Menu" and select "Profile". If a picture has not already been uploaded, you can do so here.

Remember that the picture must be lifelike, in color and suitable for use as an ID. It is not possible to change the picture once it has been added.

  • If you have added a picture via a link received in an email from ISIC, it will already appear in the app when you view your profile.
  • You can not change the picture yourself. If an error has occurred or you have selected the wrong picture, you can contact ISIC support - see FAQ under Support in the app.
  1. Your digital student ID and ISIC discounts

Once you have created and connected your ISIC account to the app on your smartphone, you have access to the benefits you are offered through ISIC. In the app you can also easily access various online offers.

If you need to show your student ID, simply press "Show ISIC card", and your digital student card issued by ISIC will be displayed.


Does the app work on all smartphones?

The ISIC app can be used on smartphones with iOS or Android. You can see compatibility and requirements for the phone under the app on App Store or Google Play.

The ISIC code is not recognized

Note that only the first and last characters of the code are letters, the rest are numbers. Typically, zero is confused with the letter "o".

Also remember that the code must be entered without spaces.

I can’t remember my log in or log in does not work

Under "log in" there is a link so you can be sent an email to reset the password. If you do not remember which e-mail address you have used, you can in the app in the menu click on "?" in the top right corner. This provides access to the FAQ and contact to ISIC support.

Can I change my name?

If you have misspelled your name on the card order or changed your name, please contact ISIC support via the contact form.

My card has expired in the app – what do I do?

Order a new card at this link and you will receive it free of charge.

N.B. It is important that you order via VIA's link to get it free of charge.

Once you have ordered your digital ISIC card, you will receive a code. The code is registered in the app and gives you a one-year validity. At the end of the period, simply order a new code via the same link and register it in the app.

Grey screen in the app?

Sometimes when a reorder goes through, the app's interface only appears as a grey screen without information and picture. In this case the user must delete the ISIC app, and then reinstall the app again.

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