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Release of mails from VIA's spam filter

This guide applies to all with a VIAmail

Releasing quarantined emails

All VIAmail is scanned by VIPRE. Emails classified as containing spam, virus or spyware are blocked. Those emails are quarantined for 14 days, but can be released if it was classified as spam by mistake. Once a day, each mail recipient at VIA receives a Quarantine Summary Report containing a list of quarantined emails. That is, if they have received any spam mail. This lets you release individual quarantined emails by clicking on the corresponding links in the summary report.

Every row int the list represents a quarantined email. The column Type lets you know, why the email has been quarantined. In the columns From, Subject and Date you can see, who the sender is, the subject information and the date and time the email was received.

This is how you release an email:

  1. Click the "Release" link next to the email and a new browser window will open.
  1. Click the "Send" button.

Now the blocked email is sent to you. You will receive it in Outlook and/or other places where you are reading your mail.

Please note! Quarantined emails should only be released when you are certain that they are harmless. For this reason, it is advisable to preview emails before releasing them. This allows you to safely view the contents of the email through VIPRE’s web-based interface.

If spam is sent to an email address belonging to a mailing group, a Quarantine Summary Report will be generated by VIPRE for this address. Consequently, this report will be sent to all members of the mailing group in question. Importantly, this also means that one should be careful when releasing these quarantined emails, since any released emails would then be sent to all members of the mailing group as well.

To determine whether the Quarantine Summary Report was sent to you personally or to a mailing group, look at the “From”-field of the email in question, where the bottom line shows who the recipient is.

If you have any questions or comments about spam filtering at VIA, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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