VIA University College (UK)

Overview of Storage Space


This guide is directed at students, employees and external users and gives an overview of accessible storage space in regard to VIA’s shared IT-systems.

Space on network drives
Group Storage space
File drive employee, homedir
10 GB
File drive employee, shared drive
10 GB (per employee per shared drive)
Group folders students (Q: drive)
10 GB (per group folder)
Space on mail system
Group Storage space
Mail employees
51 GB
Mail students
50 GB
Mail external users
51 GB
Mail send/receive employees and external users
50 MB
Mail send/receive students
25 MB
Space on Itslearning
Group Storage space
Space for employees 300 MB
Space for students
300 MB
Space for guests/external users
300 MB
Space on OneDrive
Group Storage space
Space for employees
1 TB
Space for students
1 TB
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