VIA University College (UK)

Introduction to the IT systems in VIA


This guide is directed at students and primarily new students. The guide refers to a 'learning path' consisting of several videos that introduce the primary IT systems in VIA. As a new student at VIA, you will receive an email before the start of your studies referring to the videos. You will receive the email once you have been created in VIA's systems and have received your VIAlogin, as it is neceddary to have a VIAlogin to be able to watch the videos.

The systems that are introduced in the videos are:

  • myVIA
  • Itslearning
  • Studynet
  • Office365
  • VIAmail
  • Teams and Zoom

The videos will e.g. show you:

  • where you can find your preparatory work for your classes and schedule,
  • where you will receive notifications about cancellation of classes,
  • where you will receive messages from your teachers and from your studies,
  • how you log on to your VIA mail,
  • how you can download Microsoft Office (Office 365) for free and much more.

Link to the video here.

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