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Azure Dev Tools


This guide is directed at students at VIA and primarily VIA Business. It describes, how you can create an account, log on to the web store and download software.

On behalf of the students and staff at the School of Technology and Business, IT and Digitalisation has made an agreement on free use of certain software from Microsoft. The agreement is conditional on the contents of the various courses, and is particularly directed at programs with technical content, which is valid for School of Technology and Business.

Note that Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching was earlier called Microsoft Imagine.

Create an account

IT and Digitalisation will shortly after the start of a semester, create accounts for all new students at the Microsoft Imagine webstore. All students at School of Technology and Business will receive an e-mail sent to their VIAmail. The mail contains a link to the WebStore, as well as the username to use for the account. This is illustrated below.

The message includes a link to the WebStore, your account provides access to. Follow the link and save the page as a Favourite in your browser.

According to the text in the mail, you can be logged in with "your school credentials" - that is, with a VIA login. It is not correct. Do the following instead:

  1. Follow the link to change your password.
  2. Type your VIAmail and choose "Submit"

Shortly after, you will receive a new mail

  1. Follow the link in the new email to change your password
  1. Type your VIAmail and a password of your choice.
  2. Choose ”Reset Password”.

Your change of password will be confirmed and you can now access VIA’s WebStore. Login using your VIAmail and the new password

Order and download software in VIA's webstore

  1. Choose category of software
  2. Choose the software you want to order
  1. Choose Add to cart, if you want to order more software or else choose Express Checkout for ordering a single piece of software
  1. Accept terms and conditions by choosing Express Checkout
  1. Remember to type down or copy the product key
  2. Choose Download in order to proceed to download
  1. Choose download

The installation file for the desired software will download as an iso-file. In most cases of reinstalling Windows, the iso file must be copied to a bootable USB disk, or burned to a DVD disc.

Windows 8 and 10 can open iso-files, and applications can be installed immediately after the download. In older versions of Windows, use a tool like Daemon Tools.

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