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Participate in a Microsoft Teams exam

This guide is directed at students and prepares you to participate in a Microsoft Teams exam.

When you participate in the meeting, you can use the microphone that is built into your computer  if it is possible to connect an external microphone or headset in order to get better sound quality.

Connect headset or external microphone and re-start your computer in good time before the exam.

Participate in an exam on Microsoft Teams

  1. Download and install Microsoft Teams (if you have not already done so)
    • The Microsoft Teams app is accessible here
    • Select the ’Download Teams’ option
    • Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the app on your computer.
    • Login using your VIA login.
  1. Select the Microsoft Teams link for your exam.
  2. Select Open your Teams app
  3. Select Participate now
  1. Wait in the Lobby till the examiner lets you in
    • You can test the sound and video by clicking on the gear icon
  2. Use of chat: Anything written in the chat will be visible to anyone who takes the exam during the day. It should therefore not be used to write personal sensitive messages
  1. When the examination is over, the examiner will remove you from the meeting.
  2. Choose Rejoin/Deltag igen
    • Wait in the lobby till someone lets you in again when the deliberation is over
  1. When the examination is completely finished, select leave meeting
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