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Participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting and meeting-functions


This guide is for students and employees at VIA and explains how you participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting and which functions, that you can use during the meeting.

Participate in a Microsoft Teams meeting

At the start of the Microsoft Teams meeting

  • Select the link for the meeting
  • Select how you wish to join the meeting. You have three options:
    • Select ’Continue on this browser’ option if you don’t have Teams installed on your machine already.
    • Select ‘Download the Windows app’ option if you wish to download the application to your machine.
    • Select ‘Open your Teams app’ option if Teams is already installed on your machine.
  • When you have selected your preferred mode of participation, click ‘Join now’.

Note, there is no requirement for you to download and install the Teams app on your machine. It is also possible to participate in the meeting on your smartphone.

Functions, sound and video in Teams meetings

Choose your audio and video settings
  1. Click on the three dots in the toolbar under the main window to reveal a list of options.
  2. Select the ’Show device settings’ option to expand a panel with settings options on the right-hand side.
  3. At the top, choose the audio device you wish to use for the meeting.
  4. If there are several speakers, choose which one to use
  5. If there are several microphones, choose which to use
  6. You can also choose which camera you want to use in the meeting, if you have several options
The Teams meetings toolbar

In the toolbar, you have the following options:

  1. Show meeting participants
  2. Show chat and post in chat
  3. Raise your hand or choose emoji
  4. Start a breakout room
  5. Turn your video on and off
  6. Mute and unmute your microphone
  7. Present content (see this section for more information about sharing content)
  8. Leave meeting
Present content
  1. Share your presentation using the Teams meeting toolbar, select the ‘Share’ option.
  2. If you need to share everything on your desktop, select the ’Desktop option and choose the screen you want to present (all visible content on your screen will be shared).
  3. You can also choose to share a particular application or window. Select the relevant application or window from the share options.

Microsoft Teams

Other Microsoft Teams tools and options: Online Team meetings work independently of the many other Microsoft Teams functionalities which should not be used.

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