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Teams sites - Teams for collaboration


This user manual applies to students and employees and shows how you can create and work in a Teams site at VIA. 

Teams at VIA

At VIA we have to different ways of using Microsoft Teams: Teams meetings and Teams sites.

Teams sites is a collaboration platform where you can e.g. share documents, write with each other and have online meetings with the ones participating in the Teams site.

Teams meetings are virtual online meetings - just like in Zoom. You can find user manuals to Teams meetings by typing Teams in the search field.

This video shows how we use Teams at VIA (4:51):

Create a Teams site

If you need a Teams site for collaboration, you can create a Teams site from mitVIA.dk (VIA-login needed). Follow the instructions there.

At VIA all classes are planned in Itslearning and all class material should be shared and be available in Itslearning. At VIA Teams sites are not to be used as a collaboration platform between teachers and students. 
Read more about the decisions regarding the use of Itslearning here.

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