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Connect to VIA Wi-Fi

This user manual applies to students and external users on locations with access to the wireless network "VIA". Employees who wish to access the wireless network from other devices than their VIAcomputer (e.g. mobile phone) can use this user manual as well.

Connect to the wireless network "VIA"

Choose the operating system or mobile device with which you want to connect to the wireless network "VIA".

Windows 10
  1. Click on the Network icon in the lower right corner
  2. Choose "VIA" and Connect
  3. Type in your VIAmail and password
  4. Choose OK
  5. Choose connect
  1. Click the “Wi-Fi icon” from the top menu.
  2. Click on the network ”VIA”.
  3. Type in your VIA ID address and password
  4. Click ”Join”.
  5. Click “Continue” and type in the password for your computer.
iOS – iPhone/iPad
  1. Go to Settings and choose Wi-Fi
  2. Choose the network "VIA"
  3. Type in your VIAmail and password
  4. Choose Join
  5. Choose Accept when asked about certificate

Android phones have different user interfaces, therefore the screenshots and inputs may differ from what you see, but here is a list of the typical settings:

  • EAP-method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA certifikate: Don't validate
  • Emnematch:
  • Brugercertifikat:
  • Identity: ([email protected])
  • Password: (your password)
  • Anonym identitet: 

Choose "VIA" in the list of available networks.


  1. Choose PEAP as your EAP-method
  2. Input your VIA ID
  3. Input your VIA password
  4. Choose Don't validate under CA certificate
  5. Choose MSCHAPV2 under Phase 2 authentication
  6. Press connect

Your WIFI settings should be as following, and then you don’t have to type anything in the "anonymous identity":

  1. EAP-metode: PEAP
  2. Fase-2 godkendelse: MSCHAPv2
  3. Serverens CA-certifikat: Do not validate
  4. Emnematch:
  5. Brugercertifikat:
  6. Identitet: ([email protected])
  7. Adgangskode: (your VIA password)
  8. Anonym identitet

In some cases, you have to reboot your phone or Chromebook before it works with the new Wi-Fi settings.

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