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Makerspace Online Course


This course is directed at students and employees at VIA who need a english version of the material. This online course is a downsized version that will give you a basic introduction to three maker-technologies.

About Makerspace

A Makerspace is a learning environment where you get the opportunity to 3D print, use laser cutters, code, work with virtual reality and much more. This means that in a makerspace you can work with an experimental approach to specific problems and solutions within your line of study. Everyone has access to a makerspace in VIA.
In addition to the maker technologies that are reviewed in this course every makerspace contains a wide range of other technologies suitable for digital fabrication. You can see a list of recommended technologies as well as connections to the danish term "teknologisk handleevne" here. Remember that the approach to the work in VIA's makerspaces is not about the technologies themselves, but is based on the desire to solve a professional problem / a pedagogical idea.

Note that the laser cutters on the different Campuses are of the same type, but different in size and model. Therefore, there may be minor deviations in relation to the operation of them in relation to what is reviewed here.

About the course and access to the course

This english version focuses on digital fabrication and will introduce you to the following three maker-technologies:

  • 3D print
  • Laser Cutter
  • Vinyl Cutting

Go to the Makerspace Online Course here (requires VIAlogin). The link will take you to the course page. To find the English videos, go to the bottom, right part of the web page.

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