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Courses in Microsoft Office programmes at VIA


As an employee and a student at VIA you have free access to a package with Microsoft Office programmes.  
This guide shows you where you can find guides and short courses about the programmes' functions in each programme.
The Office package includes Microsoft Office's programmes, e.g Word, Outlook PowerPoint and Excel.

Fast help

If you have a specific question, this can help you: 

  1. Open the programme you want to work in. In this example, Word has been opened.
    Choose "Tell me what you want to do" in the top menu.
  1. Write your question, e.g. "Table of Contents". Here you have more possibilities, depending on what you need.
Short courses - easy to find

If you need information on how the programme works, you can always find updated courses in the programme.

  1. Choose "Help" in the top menu.
  2. Choose "Show Training".
  3. Choose the course that fits you best, e.g. "Quick start". You can also search by using the search bar.

4. Now a number of steps will open helping you with the option "Quick start". Choose the first step "Create a document in Word".

The videos here are in English and it is possible to choose English subtitles:

5. Choose the speech bubble.

6. Choose subtitles and choose English.

7. Choose the double arrow if you want the video in full screen.

Below the video you can also find a step-by-step guide in English.

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