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Print via Web Print


This guide is for students and staff.

It guides you to use Web Print via Print.via.dk if you have not installed or cannot install the printer driver directly on your PC or mobile device via Print deploy (which can be downloaded at print.via.dk).

The printing solution VIA uses is called PaperCut.

Please note that you must be on VIA's network to be able to use Web Print.


Go to print.via.dk, and select English under Language Select.

Get access with your VIA login.

  1. Click on "Web Print".
  2. Then "Submit a job".
  1. Select the printer or plotter you want to use.
  2. Then click on “Print Options and Account Selection”
  1. Set the number of copies you need.
  2. Then click on “Upload Documents”
  1. Upload document by dragging the file into the white box, or click "Upload from computer" to select the file via your file library/Explorer.

You can see which file types are supported in the red box in the image below

Several files can be uploaded before proceeding.

Files that cannot be printed are marked with a red cross. Delete the file by clicking on the cross in the top right corner of the file icon.

If files have been uploaded by mistake, they can be deleted in the same way.

  1. Once you have uploaded the desired number of documents click on "Upload & Complete".

Status on your print jobs

The files are now transferred to your Web Print queue.  

Under ”Status” processing of the print job can be followed. When you see the text ”Hold i kø (held in queue)” the job is ready for release at the printer/plotter.

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